Praise for Edge of Wild, 
(Book 1, The Waterton Series)

Praise for The Dark Divide, 
(Book 2, The Waterton Series)

Edge of Wild reaches #9 on Calgary's 
Top 10 Bestselling Fiction, July 2018

Chapters selected Edge of Wild as one of 
"Our Favourite Canadian Fiction"

"One heck of a Crime Thriller!... 
The ending won't disappoint!"
S.J. Pierce, author of the
Alyx Rayer Mystery series 

“A well-plotted thriller... [Stone] makes the 
locations of Waterton and the national park into 
living, pulsing characters in their own right.”
A.F. Linley, editor-in-
chief, Kisareth Studios

"Edge of Wild takes its readers on an edge of 
your seat ride to small town Alberta."
Pamela Clark, 
author of Kalyna

“Stone demonstrates a deep understand of the divide that runs between urban worldliness and small town isolation.”
Jenevive Desroches, 
author of Oblong

“Danika takes a complicated stew of murder, mystery, and mayhem and boils it down to its essence with lyrical writing and perfectly timed revelations.”
Monti Shalosky, author / editor

"The writer has come up with a fascinating plot, utilising plot turns that will entrance readers of psychological thrillers, romances, mysteries and more; it's the type of genre bender that has the needed appeal of mass interest."
ABNA Expert Reviewer

"The characters in Tathagata are each fleshed out with a loving attention to detail, and the location is described with an affectionate respect to detail strong enough to make any reader want to visit. A truly enthralling read!" 
M. Zardoya

"The novel's flow is amazingly smooth and feels like a pleasant ride through the mountains and valleys described. 
The Canadian semi-wilderness is tangible and lovely." 
E. Bolton

"There is a lyrical quality to Danika's writing that just captures and holds you. You will remember lines days after you finish her book, smile, and have an irresistible urge to go back and re-read the book, just so you can relive it's beauty."
N. Keynejad, editor

The Dark Divide reaches #5 on Calgary's 
Top 10 Bestselling Fiction, July 2018


  “A chilling and masterful sequel to Edge of Wild

Danika has done it again!”

S.J. Pierce, author of the 

Alyx Rayer Mystery series 

"A page-turner that also captures the gritty 

yet lyrical beauty of a small town... 

Highly recommended for all readers who 

enjoy mysteries, thrillers, or romantic suspense.

Victoria Gilbert, author of the 

Blue Ridge Library Mystery series


"Suspenseful and jarring, this novel 

gives the reader pause for thought about 

what extent we go to in order to protect and 

honor the memory of those we have 

loved and lost."

Pam Clark, 

author of Kalyna

"A well-crafted and beautifully-paced story 

that will keep you turning the pages.”

Pat Stoltey, author of 

Wishing Caswell Dead


"I love a book that stays with you long 
after you put it down and The Dark Divide 
definitely does that. I find myself thinking 
of the characters and what I would do 
in similar circumstances."
Candice Dillon, 
Goodreads reviewer

"Once again, Stone's deft storytelling 
has pulled together mystery and humanity 
in a tale that speaks to the heart of 
what it means to be alive."
Jenevive Desroches, 
author of Oblong

"Reading this book was like getting 
reacquainted with old friends. I was able 
to return to Waterton and immerse myself 
in the mysteries and quirks of 
the small town."

Emily Maddox, 
Goodreads reviewer